Santa's Elves of Indy

Bringing smiles to the faces of children at Christmas...

Who We Are

Pictured - from left to right: Emma, Mark, Ainsley (front), Olivia (back), Jackson, Tracey, Garrett, & Alex.

We are large, blended family of 8. The picture above (from Christmas 2013) was taken 2 years after the start of Santa's Elves of Indy. Our story begins in September of 2011 when Mark and I discussed our need to tighten our Christmas budget which, with 6 kids, had become out of control. We decided to trim the budget to $100 for each of our children, which is still a chunk of change to drop all at once! When I approached the kids with this new information, much to our surprise, it was requested if we could "adopt" a child for Christmas with the money we were "saving". It was a very sweet gesture, but we didn't know quite how to begin, as this was something we hadn't participated in before. So I took to the internet and what I found were several others that also wanted to help families and children in need. And so, Santa's Elves of Indy was born. Each member of our family helps in their own way - from sorting and wrapping gifts, helping at events, serving as a board member, and learning the behind the scenes duties of running our organization. It has been a great adventure to experience as a family and wonderful way to connect with our community and help others!